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The Data Scientist’s Toolbox 2014-12-01 Coursera
Computational Methods for Data Analysis 2014-12-09 Coursera
Usable Security 2014-12-15 Coursera


Critical Thinking in Global Challenges 2015-01-01 Coursera
CTB3365STx: Introduction to the Treatment of Urban Sewage 2015-01-01 edX
Archaeology of Portus: exploring the lost harbour of ancient Rome 2015-01-01 FutureLearn
Network Analysis in Systems Biology 2015-01-05 Coursera
Foundations of Teaching for Learning 3: Learners and Learning 2015-01-05 Coursera
Introduction to European Business Law 2015-01-05 Coursera
Artificial Intelligence Planning 2015-01-12 Coursera
Astrobiology and the Search for Extraterrestrial Life 2015-01-12 Coursera
Geospatial Intelligence & the Geospatial Revolution 2015-01-14 Coursera
Buddhist Meditation and the Modern World 2015-01-19 Coursera
Cryptography 2015-01-19 Coursera
Greening the Economy: Lessons from Scandinavia 2015-01-19 Coursera
Equine Nutrition 2015-01-26 Coursera


CEH.1-ENx: Explaining European Paintings, 1400 to 1800 2015-02-01 edX
8.05x: Mastering Quantum Mechanics 2015-02-10 edX
Software Security 2015-02-16 Coursera
Foundations of Teaching for Learning 4: Curriculum 2015-02-23 Coursera
Global Perspectives on Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights (SRHR) 2015-02-23 Coursera


Myths and Realities of Personalised Medicine: The Genetic Revolution 2015-03-01 Coursera
Dynamical Modeling Methods for Systems Biology 2015-03-02 Coursera
Hardware Security 2015-03-15 Coursera


Integrated Analysis in Systems Biology 2015-04-20 Coursera


Foundations of Teaching for Learning 5: Planning for Teaching and Learning 2015-05-04 Coursera


Foundations of Teaching for Learning 6: Introduction to Student Assessment 2015-06-22 Coursera


Foundations of Teaching for Learning 7: Being a Professional 2015-09-21 Coursera


Model Thinking 2015-10-05 Coursera
Introduction to Finance 2015-10-05 Coursera
Internet History, Technology, and Security 2015-10-05 Coursera
Programming for Everybody 2015-10-05 Coursera


Foundations of Teaching for Learning 8: Developing Relationships 2015-11-09 Coursera

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